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Culinary Genius and Giant 제랄다와 거인

  • Artist

    Theatre Mun 극단 문
  • Genre

    Puppet show
  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 5. 12:00 / INDIGO Squre
    • - 5. 5. 15:30 / INDIGO Squre
    • - 5. 6. 12:00 / INDIGO Squre
  • Cast and staff

    연출&출연: 박영희 / 기술 감독: 유한수 / 음향 감독: 성나리 / 작곡: 이수민
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It is a one-person puppet show using acting, mime, singing, and freely moving puppets made of paper cups. A variety of paper cups ranging from small soju glasses to large popcorn cups can be seen.

About Team

Theatre Mun promotes the expansion and development of children's arts and culture through continuously combining fields of children's book publishing and children's play. Its motto is to give a big performance on a small stage and is at the forefront to perform at cultural minorities such as small libraries and rural schools.