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City of Clown 광대의도시 A playground encompassing all eras, comedic clown performances

Fané Solamente 오직 빠네 뿐

  • Artist

    Cia. Pau Palaus 시아 포 팔라우
  • Genre

    Clown, Improvisation
  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 4. 13:30 / YELLOW Squre
    • - 5. 4. 20:30 / BLUE Street
    • - 5. 5. 15:00 / BLUE Street
    • - 5. 5. 21:00 / BLUE Street
  • Cast and staff

    배우&디렉터: Pau Palaus / 매니저&테크니션: Maria Soler
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It is a performance adding improvisatory elements to modern clown shows. Through emotional interactions with the audience, it improvises various situations. Every moment, every performance is unique and special.

About Team

Cia. Pau Palaus started performing with Contaminando Sonrisas, a circus company that visited and performed in places such as refugee camps, borders and places with human rights issues such as poverty and also performed at various festivals in Korea, Spain, Thailand and more.