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Official Program 공식참가작 Unrivaled level of completion and speciality! Street artworks from various countries and diverse genres


  • Artist

    Project NALDA 프로젝트 날다
  • Genre

    Circus, Aerial performance
  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 5. 20:00 / BLUE Squre
  • Cast and staff

    연출&기술감독: 김경록 / 무대감독&오퍼레이터: 이다해 / 기술팀: 권은혜 / 의상: 김원미 / 출연: 심주영, 김재섭, 김소희, Artem Ovcharuk, Nadine O'garra


'WEB in the CITY, CITY in the WEB' This piece combines circus and aerial performances, conveying the message of the Web that we have created and the future. The image of the space in the air combined with the performance forms a new image in the city center. The simple but massive impression communicates the concern about human lives that are being ever connected with machines.

About Team

Project NALDA was founded in 2010 and develops art contents to be performed in the air. It has established itself as a specialized aerial performance group in the country presenting original contents. Starting out with circus creation in 2015, it now incorporates diversity and enjoyment into its works, and is taking new artistic directions.