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Who Am I? 소경들

  • Artist

    MIA 미아
  • Genre

    Non-verbal performance
  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 4. 21:00 / YELLOW Squre
    • - 5. 5. 19:00 / YELLOW Squre
    • - 5. 5. 22:00 / YELLOW Squre
  • Cast and staff

    연출: 최대웅 / 배우: 고경래, 백승환, 이소원, 권정수


The performance asks questions about our lives which depend heavily on smartphones through mime, contemporary dance, and street dance. The happenings and lack of communication due to the use of smartphones is satirized in humorous way. This story is not about someone else, but a story of 'us'.

Introduction Group

Performers from various areas such as contemporary dance, street dance, mime, drum and theater gather to create performances aimed to create 'empathy'. MIA is a nonverbal performance team that communicates with audiences throughout the world, sometimes in a light manner, and at times in a serious manner.