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Maybe a GENIUS, EZUZ 어쩌면 천재, 이짜나언짜나!

  • Artist

    EZUZ 이짜나언짜나
  • Genre

    EDM, Funk, Dance
  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 5. 16:00 / PURPLE Street
  • Cast and staff

    랩&댄스: 이찬, 원찬
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In Ansan, you can experience an unforgettable performance called "Maybe GENIUS, EZUZ" introducing somewhat unpleasing topic. EZUZ captures the audience with their catchy melody and funky performace.

About Team

EZUZ is a FUNK EDM duo consisting of Chan Lee and WonChan Park. They are garnering attention through sublimating social topics such as 'After me', 'fine Dust' into their own funky music, humorous lyrics and unmatched performances.