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Silence Messenger 침묵의 전달자

  • Artist

    Yangkura 양쿠라
  • Genre

    Performance, Installation art
  • Nation

  • Running time

  • Date/venue

    • - 5. 4. 13:30 / RED Street
    • - 5. 4. 16:30 / RED Street
    • - 5. 5. 13:30 / RED Street
    • - 5. 6. 13:30 / RED Street
    • - 5. 6. 16:30 / RED Street
  • Cast and staff

    아티스트: 양쿠라 / 뮤지션: Tsuyoshi Tomoyama / 스태프: 이기원, 이수환
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Based on the concept of 'marine trash landing in the city center,' the performance features a piece of marine trash in the form of a monster that walks, runs, and strolls through the audience. A collection of objects from research on the Ansan Daebu-do Coastline are recreated into a single art installation, and communicate with the audience to deliver a message on the environmental issues.

About Team

Based on formative arts, Yangkura produces works in various forms such as performance, video and photography. Based on research, it explores the connection between environment and art, and tries to identify the role art has in giving back to society. In addition, Yangkura is making various efforts to be an artist that goes beyond self-enjoyment to contribute to the greater good of society.