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History 축제연혁


2012년 안산국제거리극축제
Date : 2012. 05. 04 ~ 06
Place : 25-Hour Square (Gwangduk-ro)
Participants : 66 companies from 10 countries
(11 overseas and 55 domestic teams)
Attendance : 710,000
Official invitations : International programs/Domestic programs
ASAFringe : Addressing of challenges and promoting
consolidation among street artists
ASARUTURES : Challenge by prospective street artists
Street Campus : Unusual and creative Street Arts
performances by university students
Street Theater School : Production and on-site performance of
street theater programs
A!SSA CLUB : Club to encourage easy access to and appreciation
of the festival for the younger audience
Festival House : Promoting friendship and exchange among artists
Creation Forum : Session for experts to promote development
of street arts
Guerilla Performances : Enhancing spirit of festival
with on-the-move street theater performances
Satellite Events
Art Playground : A variety of arts and culture programs to get
involved with on offer
Installation Art : Graffiti, wish tree, digital art
Multi-cultural & Korean culture programs : Get a taste of the
Korean culture and take part in multi-cultural programs
Family Playground : multi-seated bikes and other games on offer