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History 축제연혁


2010년 안산국제거리극축제 포스터
Date : 2010.05.01 ~ 05
Place : Ansan 25-hour Square (Gwangduk-ro)
Participants : 50 companies from 11 countries
(36 domestic and 14 overseas teams from 10 countries)
Attendance : Cancelled due to the sinking of Chokeham

As part of efforts to express grief over and pay tributes tovictims of the sinking of the Chokeham on March 26, 2010, the Ansan Street Arts Festival decided to cancel the festival on April 12, 2010.
Under the banner of ‘Dream in the Streets’ for the 2010 Ansan Street Arts Festival, the plan was to present 50 programs from 11 nations including 13 domestic programs, 14 overseas programs from ten countries and those from 19 participating countries for the fringe festival.
But considering the level of national grief over the tragic incident, the festival was cancelled for 2010.